Jalon Valley: its olive groves, history and the sights

Published: 28th January 2011
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Jalon Valley is famous for its groves of citrus fruit and almond trees and its old Spanish villages, where you'll find so many restaurants serving traditional Paella over wood fires. It’s an idyllic place for the romantic travellers on their Costa Blanca Holidays where finding that quiet spot away from the maddening crowd down on the beach.

Travel up to Jalon at the top of the valley, inland from Javea where you'll be surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Bernia, where on Saturdays there is a giant boot sale in the dry river bed. The towns of Alcalali, Benichembla, Jalon, Lliber, Murla and Parcent make up the Jalon Valley and each are worth a visit, where you'll also find many wine Bodegas to sample their famous Moscatel. There's nothing like enjoying a glass of this excellent tipple while on your Costa Blanca Holidays. Also many varieties of honey and raisins still produced in the traditional "riu-raus" can be found in local stores. The "riu-raus" are buildings constructed to protect the grapes from inclement weather during the drying process; one side of the building faces east and has many arches to facilitate quick storage when the weather turns bad. Grapes are hung to dry in the sun then spread on reeds. In the early evening they would be stacked in the riu-raus to protect them from the early morning dew. These buildings date back to the 18th century though no one is actually sure where the name comes from, certainly not during the Moors occupation.

Before the advent of the Costa Blanca Holidays, for many years the Moors occupied the area and during that time, they sent to the Valencian Court samples of the wine produced locally. (I'm not saying you should do the same while on your Costa Blanca Holidays but certainly try some!) For many centuries it was the base of Marina Alta's economy. Jalon's wines belong to the "denominación de origen" of Alicante

Jalon Valley is certainly a rambler’s delight, where people can walk for miles enjoying gentle strolls or more enduring hikes around the Mountains so an ideal place for those more adventurous Costa Blanca Holidays. From late January and February the Valley is smothered in pink and white blossoms making it one of the prettiest times to visit for anyone on their Costa Blanca Holidays.

Jalon is certainly the hub of the Valley and the Old Square is actually a fountain recently renovated and is the focal point for the local market on Tuesday or the more famous Rastro, one of the biggest flea markets in the area, on Saturday mornings. A perfect setting for your Costa Blanca Holidays and bargains, just around the corner is the Church of Jalon. Its blue glazed terracotta dome sits high above the square and is visible for miles.

There is evidence dating back to the stone age where objects have been found in the "cova del Mancano" and remains of an Iberian settlement are still being uncovered in Axia. During the mid 13th century King James and his troops occupied the area and the town became part of the Christian Kingdom the Arabic Moors stayed in the area until they were finally driven out at the start of the 17th century. Unlike you while on your Costa Blanca Holidays you'd probably rent a car. Apart from the traditional houses of stone and old bricks with large wooden doors and decorated walls, the Moors left behind the two forts around Jalon - one at La Solana (the Aixa) and the other in Sierra Bernia - which guarded the Jalon Valley and its inhabitants that had settled in the area.

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